My name is Debra Kiernan, and I love dogs. Always have, always will. I also love to train dogs. DebraLike many other dog owners, when I first went along to obedience classes I was taught the traditional "jerk and praise" method of training for which the standard piece of equipment was a choke chain.

Fortunately I eventually discovered positive reinforcement training and I found that not only is it not necessary to hurt dogs in order to teach them, but that training can be fun for both you and your dog. As an added bonus, I also discovered that when you train using positive reinforcement, your relationship with your dog is strengthened instead of being eroded due to pain and fear.

Positive reinforcement training is the key to opening the door to your dog's mind. Once that door is open, the sky is the limit - you are only constrained by your own creativity and your ability to apply the laws of learning, as well as your dog's physical capability to perform the tasks you devise for it.

To make it perfectly clear if I haven't already done so, if you have stumbled upon this website while trying to find out how to use your electronic collar or choke chain more effectively, you are definitely in the wrong place. However, if you are keen to learn all about positive reinforcement training and want to know how to strengthen your relationship with your canine friend, then I bid you a very warm welcome.

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